Sunday, 25 September 2016

Tournament Overview

ACS Jakarta Tennis Open Series 2016-2017

Last academic year, ACS Jakarta held its first ACS Jakarta Tennis Open. It was so successful that this year, ACS Jakarta will hold four ACS Jakarta Tennis Opens and start its first ACS Jakarta Tennis Open Series.

Similar to previous year, ACS Jakarta Tennis Open will be a junior tennis tournament organized by ACS Jakarta to develop talents, interests, self-confidence, and friendship among ACS Jakarta students and others in the sport of tennis. Through healthy competition, students will learn good sportsmanship and will gain more interests in the sport.

The details of the events are as such:

Date / Reg Deadline:     23-25 September 2016 / 18 September 2016
                                   2-4 December 2016      / 24 November 2016
                                   10-12 March 2017        / 24 February 2017
                                   26-28 May 2017           / 12 May 2017

Venue:                         ACS Jakarta Tennis Courts
                                    Jl. Bantar Jati
                                    Kelurahan Setu
                                    Jakarta Timur

Tournament Format & Rules
  • Singles only
  • Divisions:

a.     Boys & Girls
b.     10 and Under
c.     12 and Under
d.     14 and Under
e.     16 and Under
f.      18 and under
g.     Cut-off date: 1 January of current year
  • Knock Out Draw Format with Consolation
  • 10 and Under & 12 and Under
           a.     Day 1: play first to 6 games (tie-break at 5 all)
        b.      Day 2: play first to 8 games (tie-break at 7 all)

  •  14 and Under & 16 and Under
        a.     Day 1: play first to 8 games (tie-break at 7 all)
        b.     Day 2: play best of 3 sets, first to 6 (tie-break at 5 all); super-tie     break on third set
  •  No-ad scoring; receiver to choose which side to return serve
  •  Umpire will supervise each match
  •  Please wear/ bring proper tennis equipment (tennis shoes, tennis clothing, etc)
  •  Participants will receive:
           a. Certificates
               b. Winners will receive trophies
  • Others:

       Things that are not yet listed in here, shall be governed or added later.
       Any rules are subjected to change without prior notification.