Monday, 7 May 2018

ACS Tennis Open 2017-2018 Series III - Results Day 2

Dear all

Thank you for participating in the ACS Tennis Open 2017-2018 Series III.

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see you soon on the next ACS Tennis Open.

Rizal Kriansyah

Saturday, 5 May 2018

ACS Tennis Open 2017-2018 Series III - Results Day 1

Dear all

It has been an exciting day at ACS Jakarta. All the matches ran smoothly. Below are today's results:

Thank you all for your cooperation today.

Rizal Kriansyah

Thursday, 26 April 2018

REGISTERED PLAYER LIST - ACS Tennis Open Series III 4-6 MAY 2018

4-6 MAY 2018
No Name Division Gender School
1 Jaymee Muchtar U10 Female (Perempuan) ACS
2 Bianca Gabriella Goenawan U10 Female (Perempuan) ACS
3 Anoushka Anand U10 Female (Perempuan) BSJ
4 Mischka Sinclaire Goenadi U10 Female (Perempuan) SDK6 Penabur
5 Raja Putra Arjuna Rafli U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
6 Arshad R. Setiawan U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
7 Jaden elliott U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
8 Gabriel Emmanuel Rompas U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
9 Franc Jacob Putuhena U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
10 Owen Tay Jia Hao U10 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
11 Seow Feng Sheng Jordan U10 Male (Laki-laki) BSJ
12 Hauzan Naufal Apriyanto U10 Male (Laki-laki) MI Amizhomiyah
13 M Iqbal Fahrezy U10 Male (Laki-laki) SD Angkasa VII Halim
14 M fakhri akbar siregar U10 Male (Laki-laki) SDIT Daarul Zannah
15 Joanne Kayla Godwin U12 Female (Perempuan) ABC Kids
16 Christabel Kayla Rahardjo U12 Female (Perempuan) ACS
17 Cindy Margaretha U12 Female (Perempuan) BHK
18 Claudia Citra U12 Female (Perempuan) BHK
19 Vania Bhojwani U12 Female (Perempuan) JIS
20 Callista Cayleen Gandha U12 Female (Perempuan) NHJS
21 Kiara Kresna Paradecca Pratama U12 Female (Perempuan) SDN 1 Cilangkap
22 Gabriella Karina Santoso U12 Female (Perempuan) TUNAS BANGSA
23 Jeremy Pramaditya Krisnanto U12 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
24 Kenneth Dominic Makarios U12 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
25 Nathan Arya Kusuma U12 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
26 Raynard Joseph Taneka U12 Male (Laki-laki) BINUS
27 Christophe Sulaiman U12 Male (Laki-laki) GJS
28 Johansyah Indradewa U12 Male (Laki-laki) Global Mandiri
29 Pramana Maxmarthin U12 Male (Laki-laki) High Scope
30 Rajbilqis Andromeda U12 Male (Laki-laki) MI Anizhomiyah
31 Fajar Bramantyo U12 Male (Laki-laki) SD Angkasa VII Halim
32 Melvin Julio Gomedi U12 Male (Laki-laki) SIS KG
33 Athalia R. Setiawan U14 Female (Perempuan) ACS
34 Catherina Dewi U14 Female (Perempuan) BHK
35 Revina R Ramma U14 Female (Perempuan) BPK Penabur
36 Emma Gunarso U14 Female (Perempuan) BSJ
37 Nea Kirana U14 Female (Perempuan) High Scope
38 Haru Sugimoto U14 Female (Perempuan) JJA
39 Gemintang Jannah Dayu U14 Female (Perempuan) SMPN 9 BEKASI
40 Chance Iswan Winarno U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
41 Lim Eu Jen Ryan U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
42 Brian Alexander Goenawan U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
43 Beh Jun Jia U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
44 Louis Arya Rahardja U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
45 Daniel Benedict Hosea U14 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
46 Arjun Gupta U14 Male (Laki-laki) BSJ
47 M Yusuf Alfaris U14 Male (Laki-laki) Home School Genius Kotawisata
48 Damar Aryaputra Rahman U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMP 8 Tangerang Selatan
49 Zinedine Arva Purbo U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMP Al-Izhar
50 M Raska Osamy U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMPN 12 Depok
51 Abrian Atamari Rumakway U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMPN 16 Depok
52 Pamula Razan U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMPN 20 Depok
53 M Azis Armadillah U14 Male (Laki-laki) SMPN 6 Depok
54 Rafael Ben Justin U16 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
55 Kayla Zevanya U16 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
56 Dominique Wanandi U16 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
57 Hareez Afwan U16 Male (Laki-laki) BSJ
58 Gabriel Ksatria Rahardja U16 Male (Laki-laki) JIS
59 Ishaan Keswani U16 Male (Laki-laki) JIS
60 Sasha Seow Ai Wei U8 Female (Perempuan) BSJ
61 Karen Yap U8 Female (Perempuan) Chiltern House Julia Gabriel
62 Milanesa Briana Susanto U8 Female (Perempuan) Springfield
63 Joshea Hanzel Ariawan U8 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
64 Atharva Yadav U8 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
65 Preston Dharmadi U8 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
66 Jacob Bryant Dinata U8 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
67 Lars Karan Goliono U8 Male (Laki-laki) ACS
68 Mihir Naidu U8 Male (Laki-laki) BSJ
69 Clifton Mayer Gandha U8 Male (Laki-laki) NHJS
70 Matthew Dharma Surjaputra U8 Male (Laki-laki) NHJS
71 Ryon Audric Tan U8 Male (Laki-laki) Wesley Pelita Bangsa School
72 Rene Kadir U8 Male (Laki-laki) BINUS

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

ACS Jakarta Tennis Open 2017-2018 Series III

ACS Jakarta Tennis Open 2017 - 2018 Series III
4 May - 6 May 2018

Official Time of Matches:

8:00 am - 10:00 pm


ACS Jakarta Tennis Courts
Jl. Bantar Jati Kelurahan Setu
Jakarta Timur

Tournament Referee: -


Click here for the registration form.
Registration on first come, first serve basis.

Entry Fee:

ACS Student 150,000 Rp
non-ACS Student 250,000 Rp

All registration fees should be transferred to 
Yayasan Dian Anugerah Lestari 
BCA 3193025672

Entry & Withdrawal Deadline:

Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 10:00 am WIB

Official Balls:

U14, U16 & U18 Dunlop Fort All Court TS
U10 & U12 Dunlop Mini Tennis Green
U8 Dunlop Red Balls

Tournament Draw:

ACS request players / officials to witness the drawing process. Those who are interested please email before Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 4:15 pm WIB. Draws will be published online 5 days before the tournament starts.


Boys & Girls (Singles)
8 & under (born on or after 1 January 2010)
10 & under (born on or after 1 January 2008)
12 & under (born on or after 1 January 2006)
14 & under (born on or after 1 January 2004)
16 & under (born on or after 1 January 2002)
18 & under (born on or after 1 January 2000)

Rules & Regulations:

a) U8 Division
  • U8 Boys and Girls will compete together.
    • Children should not be rushed into competition until they have basic tennis skills (groundstroke & serve - underhand or overhead), the ability to keep score and a basic understanding of the rules of the game.
    • Court size: 36-42 ft (10.97-12.8 m) x 14-20 ft (4.27-6.1 m)
    • Net height (at the center): 31.5-33 in (0.8-0.838 m)
    • Racket Length: Each player must play with a racket that has a length of 21-23 in.
    • Scoring format & Draw: Depends on the number of participants.
b) Other Division
  • Knock Out Draw Format with Consolation
    • U10 & U12
      • Play first to 6 games (tie-break at 5-all).
      • Semi-final and Final Round Main Draw play first to 8 games (tie-break at 7-all).
    • U14, U16 & U18
      • Play first to 8 games (tie-break at 7-all)
      • Semi-final and Final Round Main Draw play best of 3 sets, first to 6 (tie-break at 5-all); super-tie break on third set.
    • No-ad scoring; receiver to choose which side to return serve.
    • Umpire will supervise each match.
    • Wear proper tennis attire.
Any rules are subjected to change without prior notification.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Result ACS Jakarta Tennis Open Series II, 24-26 November 2017

Dear All Participants,

Thank you for your participation in ACS Jakarta Tennis Open Series II 2017-2018. Hope you had exciting matches in this tournament.

Keep on training and see you in the next tournament.

ACS Jakarta Tennis Open